This little brush and ink drawing failed in its intention.  I drew it around three years ago during a period of infatuation with a woman.   When I finally got up my nerve and showed it to her, basically complete but still needing some shading and refinement, she seemed delighted and intrigued, her pretty face lingering over the details,  a lovely sight to me,  but she was also surprised and a little freaked out.   I think she didn’t really believe I drew it for her.  Due to her unsettled and indefinite reaction, a jumble of signs of which I couldn’t get a clear read, and also because I was blushing and tongue-tied, the drawing never exchanged hands. The encounter led in following days to some awkwardness and polite evasiveness.   Ultimately the relationship I so desired with her never happened.   Through time naturally my feelings for her have subsided.    We haven’t crossed paths for some time, and I doubt we will again, so I don’t see why on this Valentine’s Day, instead of continuing to hide the drawing at the bottom of a drawer, neglected and forgotten, I shouldn’t bring it out and share it in the same sense that a love song may still touch and charm others despite the personal story behind it.


    • Good to hear from you, Joe. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you’re well. With warm fondness I remember that golden time we shared back in our young boyhood, before the emotionally turbulent high school years. I think in ways that innocent and childlike spirit remains with me today and exerts an influence on my art. The joyfully dancing jester in this drawing could just as well, I think, juggle a soccer ball for hours on end, speed down a steep hill in a homemade go-cart, or in a pick-up basketball game release a rainbow shot which finds nothing but net. Your friend, John

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